Denzel - 2Sharp

British Middleweight Champion

My name is Denzel “2Sharp” Bentley. I’m 27 years old had my first amateur fight when I was 19 years old.

I’ve progressed quickly but I’ve put in a lot of work and hours to perfect my craft.

I’ve been a professional 5 years, I’m currently 17-1-1 and have won the British title twice and now boxing for a world title!

I’m on the verge of achieving my dream as a boxer and I cannot wait!

Lenny - The Main Man

My full name is Leonard Layton Fuller. I'm a professional boxer and father of two brilliant young men.

My current stands at 12 wins 1 loss and 0 draws

I was born and raised in Mangravet, Maidstone in Kent.

I started boxing at the age of nine at Westree ABC in which I had four amateur fights .

I didn't start taking serious until later on when I was in my early 20's when I was participating in some white collar back fights with Terry Hadaway.

After meeting up with a friend to start originally training MMA, Lee Page Snr soon convinced me I had a talent in boxing and convinced me to try my hand in the pro ranks.

We soon secured a professional contract and after calling in the help of professional trainer, Chris Lemantong we haven't looked back since.

We have come on leaps and bounds since our time together I believed as trainer and fighter.

We have secured much appreciated sponsorship which now allows us to fully concentrate and train full time giving up my day job as a onsite labourer.

I fully believe we can do great things with the backing of great firms like Advance!